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波叔套新戲 Bruno 在香港尚未上畫(查實都唔知有無機會上),淨係睇佢同David Letterman個訪問已經非常好笑,順便將對話內容抄返出黎,練下聆聽筆記同翻譯能力。

B: Borat
L: David Letterman

B: When we're making this film, we want it to be better than Borat, and we thought what could people see that they'd never seen before on film? And we thought one thing would be a comedian interviewing a terrorist, which I think is never been done before...for good reason.


So we show the script, the outline of the script to the studio and they say "Oh this is great, who's gonna play the terrorist?" And we said "No, we gonna find a real terrorist."


Now, it's not that easy to find an actual terrorist. In fact your government has been looking for one for nine years.


L: Exactly right!


B: There's no Craigslist in Peru for example, so we called up a contact we had in the CIA and said “can you help us? We are looking to find a terrorist.”


L: Bruno has a contact at the CIA?


B: Bruno doesn't but I knew somebody who did.


And the guy at the CIA said “We've got a lot of names of terrorists, but we have almost no addresses.”


And so eventually after a few months, we found somebody who actually lived in a town that had a terrorist from a pretty nasty group, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, who kind of …the number 1 suicide bombers out there, if you are looking for them.

等了幾個月終於有人幫忙搭線,對方是Al Aqsa殉道團,假如你需要找自殺式炸彈恐怖份子的話,他們可算是世上第一流的自殺炸彈專家。

And he said " Yeah there is a terrorist who lives in my town." So I said "Great can we interview him but I'm a little bit scared about reprisal attacks from the other people in your city."


He said "Don't worry, everybody loves you we love the Ali G show."

接洽人說:「放心吧,大家都愛看你的Ali G真人秀。」

So next I thought I needed some security to get to the terrorist, because it was in the west bank...the guy picks a secret location. So we called around some security firms, everybody said "No Way".


Eventually I found one guy who was an Englishman who done the Enrique Iglesias Hero tour.

最後找到個英國人,曾經當過Enrique Iglesias演唱會的保安。

L: You gotta go where you gotta go.


B: His main job was protecting Enrique from flying underwear. I knew if it came to it this guy would take a bra from me. So we get there and I said "Alright, I'm a little bit scared that the terrorist and his bodyguards will be armed. If they are armed let's have a code word. If they are armed, say it's gonna be hot weather, and if they are unarmed, there's no guns just say it's gonna be cold."



So we ended up with the secret location, the terrorist comes in with his bodyguard they'd been checked by my bodyguard, my bodyguard comes in, and I said "So what's the weather gonna be?"


He said "Well I think it's gonna be cold weather but there's a chance it could be quite warm…and it might even be boiling hot."


At which point the terrorist said "No no no, it is not cold, it is warm." And then I realized I was pretty sure that my terrorist either did or did not have a gun on him.



L: Certainly get your money's worth there.


B: And my bodyguard said "yeah you are right, it is quite warm out here, it's kind of much much warmer than North England." At which point I realized my bodyguard had forgotten about our roleplay and was discussing the weather with the terrorist.


L: Will these guys eventually see the film did you invited them to the premiere?


B: I pray to God not.


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